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"This is the history book I've been waiting for . . . I lost track of how many times I cried."

--Doug Williams, designer/builder, Swanton, Vermont

". . . a bold sweeping effort in tracing the threads that unite us all; bonds indivisible.

. . . thank you for keeping the hope of our dream alive. When we lose our common story it is as if we have no song in common; harmony becomes impossible."

--Mark Whitman, Douglas, Alaska


What was it like to be part of history’s epic moments? People of the Dream lets you find out—through the eyes of a wide range of individuals, both original and real. From colonial Pennsylvania right through the present, wander through American history in the shoes of those who made it.

From Chapter 9: "Wow!" Joseph smiled to a small Black soldier as they exited the packed concert. "That's the best I've ever heard them." The short sergeant beamed with pride. "Yessir," he agreed. "These French folks going to know the 15th New York was here."

  "Dr. Joseph Morris," Joseph said, extending his hand.

  "Henry Johnson," the sergeant responded, gripping Joseph's hand with a surprisingly strong grip of his own.

  "That's quite a grip."

  "Thank you. I may not look like much, but God help any Germans that come after me."

  Joseph grinned at the young man's spunk. Johnson was not alone. Most of the regiment's men were itching to prove that Uncle Sam's brown soldiers were every bit as fierce and patriotic as their white countrymen--or anyone else. Men from Harlem had fought long and hard to be recognized as New York's first African-American National Guard regiment. No way they would waste this chance.

"Your book really gives such insight into our history, mssion, and identity as a nation. Teaching effectively on multiple layers, it enables readers to confront serious historical problems and issues in a personal way, yet manages to engender hope. I wish every American and would-be American would read it. It is especially good for families to read and discuss together. There are so many nuggets of wisodm and important issues to explore, and it encourages multi-generational readers to share their own experiences and family stories. With a gentle touch you help people to affirm what their hearts already know--that we all are one family under God."--Susan Fegley Osmond, writer, Bowie, Maryland


Home Schoolers!
Looking for a great student read? People of the Dream will open your students to the wonders of history. Free online resources for each chapter.

People of the Dream Bonus Features

Click on the links below to access chapter by chapter connections to events from People of the Dream, including web links curated by the author and more.


A Vermont Civil War Doctor
Reflects on His Experiences

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Farewell to a Hero

Desk with Book

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 "I felt like I was listening to a wise grandfather pull back the veil on the rise and fall of civilizations instilling me with the hope that great leaders and people of courage rise to the occasion when we need them the most." --author Eileen Williams

Romp across history exploring how different places helped their people thrive. What was their secret?

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Michael V. Macijeski grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, where he attended Catholic elementary schools at St. Anthony of Padua and Shrine of the Little Flower, then graduated from Loyola High School. His subsequent adventures took him around the U.S. and the world before depositing him in Vermont, where he has lived since 1985. In the 1990s Mike answered the call to teach, earning his M.A. in Education from Vermont College of Norwich University and going on to teach history at the secondary level till his retirement in 2019. Mike has tried to contribute to his community, serving on several local boards and performing in musical ensembles.

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