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America: Not Dead Yet

Michael Macijeski rated a book

Last Best Hope: America in Crisis and Renewal by George Packer

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Just finished reading this book--here's my review from Goodreads and Amazon.

Spoiler alert: the author doesn't believe that any one group or point of view has the answer to America's problems. Instead, like me, he wants to see Americans of all stripes connecting across the chasms that have grown between us.

Wise Words

Packer seeks to both understand and explain how America got into its current fix of division and mutual distrust, as well as chart a way out. Going beyond party and liberal vs. conservative, Packer traces four different categories of moderate Americans and how they came to be.

Packer doesn't think the way out of our mess will be easy, but neither does he think we're done for. One of the keys: rebuilding trust across the divides some see as unbridgeable.

My experience says he's right. We are at our best when we reach across everything that can divide us, stop putting each other into rigid categories, and relate to each other as fellow Americans. Packer explores several other times America was on the brink of destruction: the Civil War, the Great Depression, the Sixties. Each time, we made it through. I pray we will again. I know it's possible.

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