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Savor the Little Things

When I was a kid, I couldn't wait till Christmas. Fantasies of Santa and Christmas morning Danced in my head for weeks before the big day arrived. The last day of school in June was a close second. As adults, we often do the same: looking forward To weddings, graduations, retirement, or simply next weekend. There is nothing wrong with this. But we should not let our anticipation of tomorrow Blind us to the beauty of today. Leaving the grocery store, I spotted a couple I haven't seen Since before the pandemic. I moved a little slower till They got out of the car. I waved and smiled. They returned my greeting. The woman said, "I almost didn't recognize you without a mask"-- Mine was dangling from one ear. We laughed as they talked about their daughter, Whom I had taught. Each of us had just done Our first traveling in more than a year.

We mused about the joys of being around other people again,

Sharing gratitude at having survived the pandemic.

"Maybe this will help us appreciate things more," I said,

"the little things we used to take for granted."

The husband nodded his head and agreed.

In this post-pandemic spring, let us appreciate

Not only the songs of the birds and the fulsomeness of the flowers--

Savor as well the hilarious daily foibles of life:

The funny way somebody walks,

The goofy slip of the tongue,

The sweet wave of a friend--

The million little joys that cross our paths each day.

For life is made not only of the great moments and milestones--

Most of it is the mundane,

Which this past year should remind us

Is rich beyond measure.

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